👶What Are The Must-Have Newborn Baby Items And Where You Can Buy Them?🍼

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What Are The Must-Have Newborn Baby Products?

The must have baby items
The must-have baby items

When I was pregnant, I knew literally nothing about babies and I was completely lost when it came to building a newborn baby wishlist, buying baby gear or picking things out. To be honest I made a lot of mistakes and I wasted a lot of money. So, today I will underline What Are The Must-Have Newborn Baby Items. I am going to build a newborn baby list from scratch as if I have zero kids, even though I actually have twin 2-year-olds and a 7-month-old baby.

First Build Amazon Newborn Baby Wishlist.

I am writing my suggestions since I’ve never read an article where someone’s literally going through the Amazon baby wishlist and kind of giving tips and tricks on each baby category and then building a newborn baby wishlist from scratch. I know I would have found this super helpful back when I was pregnant with my twins before having any kids because I again literally knew nothing at that time. So, I needed something like this where someone was holding my hand and showing me each step of the process.

Add Important Items In The Newborn Baby Checklist.

Newborn Baby Carrier. Newborn Baby Bjorn
Baby Carrier. Baby Bjorn
Amazon Baby wishlist. Baby carrier
Amazon Baby wishlist. Baby carrier

Ok, the first thing on the baby checklist is out and about. We’ll start with baby carriers. My sister in law has this Infantino cuddle up. It’s relatively inexpensive at around £40. She really likes it. I personally prefer the Baby Bjorn. They’re very similar though. So if you don’t want to spend eighty-five pounds on a Baby Bjorn, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Infantino cuddle up. There’s also if you don’t want one of these types of carriers, there’s the Newborn Baby rap, which I really liked for my twins because it can actually fit two babies in when they’re in the newborn stage. So the Bhogle rob three thousand reviews.

Obviously, a lot of other parents really love it, too. I mean, I lived with this one I actually own two of these because just in case the baby spits up on one of them and one was in the wash. I needed to wear another hoop when I had the twins. So I would definitely add a Newborn baby carrier to your registry. The baby here, you’re doesn’t even need to be an out and about the type of thing. I literally wear my newborn baby carrier in the house when I had the twins and also when I had the baby after the twins. A lot of times babies just want to be held. They want to be right up next to mommy. But Mommy often has other things to do, like cleaning and vacuuming and making food and taking care of other kids. If you do have other kids, mommies often need both hands. So I honestly wear my carrier every day, even within my house, just so that I can do other things while also holding the newborn baby and keeping the baby happy.

Other important newborn baby items

Next things, now that we have a carrier, are broken out into three different baby categories on Amazon UK. They have baby car seats, strollers and then travel systems. This is also known as the car seat stroller combo. So that’s why it’s called a baby travel system. So I didn’t actually purchase a travel system per se when I was pregnant. I got the Graco 35 infant car seat. So this is what I got.

I really like the Greco’s snug ride 35m think car seat just because it works with so many different strollers. So I’ve had lots of different strollers with my kids kind of just testing out to see what I like. The good thing about like Graco or Chicco some of those more common brands is it works with lots of different strollers, and if it doesn’t, there’s usually adapters that you can buy to make the car seat click into any of the strollers. So I’m just going to add this gray go to the registry to get the car seat out of the way. I need to say I would not suggest using something like this. This grego forever foreign one convertibles car seat. So I’ll just show you to give you more details. These convertible car seats can work for newborns all the way up to like a big kid. I wouldn’t use this.

Please, please don’t buy into the marketing of it’s a foreign one. You can use it forever when you have a little newborn. You want a newborn baby car seat that can click and move out of the base and click into a stroller when you’re on the go. The last thing you want is to get is having a sleeping newborn in the backseat that’s asleep in a convertible car seat, which does not click out. So if you want to get out and go, you have to unbuckle. You’re sleeping a little in thin and pull them out, which is for sure, going to wake them up. Then you don’t really have anywhere to put them unless you put them in a carrier or you hold them the entire time. Trust me, you just you don’t need this convertible car seat until your child grows out of an infant car seat. So the infant car seat is what you want. You want the clickable base that it can get in and out of. You can buy multiple bases. As you can see here. They just sell separate bases so you can have one base in your car and one base in your husband’s car so that you’re not having to constantly take out and reinstall the base for the newborn baby car seat to click into. Everyone can just have a base in their car. Whichever car you choose to take, you can pop the newborn baby in and out of easily.

Full review of Newborn baby travel system 3 in 1

So for the travel system now, a baby travel system is definitely the category that I believe that a new mom should splurge on. If you’re on a budget that’s cool. You can be a budget on everything. Strollers are not something I would be on. A budget on. Now, I’m not going to necessarily suggest a specific stroller because there are so many strollers out there at so many price points and there are different things that are important to people.

I feel like this is an item where you need to go to like bye-bye baby or something and test out their specific strollers to see what works for you. Some things to keep in mind is how big is your trunk? Some of these strollers do not fold down small. You don’t want to register for something and receive it and then find out that when it folds down, it doesn’t fit into the trunk of your little sedan. The other thing to keep in mind is where you live and the type of whether this stroller is going to have to endure. When you’re looking at some of these strollers, like look at this safety first run. I haven’t specifically used this one or tested this one out. So no shade to it.

But look at these tiny little wheels. Here in the UK, we can get a lot of rain. These tiny little wheels are not going to go through a parking lot when it’s just freshly rained. These are just not you’re going to be struggling to push your stroller.

It’s going to be at risk of tipping over. If you live in an area with inclement weather, you’re going to need a baby stroller that has some bigger, heavier duty wheels to make sure that no matter the conditions, you can push your babies safely to whatever destination you’re going to. The last thing to keep in mind, which is such a millennial thing to say, is just the one-handed maneuverability, some other really cheap strollers that again have these tiny, cheapy wheels. You’re going to need both hands to really push the stroller to make sure that you’re not like running into the aisles of stuff at Target.

Let’s be honest, millennials, we’re on our phones a lot and we only have one hand available to push that stroller. So you want something that’s easy to maneuver with one hand so that when you’re texting your husband, you’re not accidentally crashing your kid into someone else’s car. All right. So I am going to register in this fake registry. I am building this city select single because I really like it. And most people want more than one kid. And the great thing about this is you can actually hop on an extra seat upfront here. You have to buy it, obviously, but this will convert easily into a double stroller. So, yes, it is expensive, but at least it’s going to grow with your family.

You’re not going to have to get rid of a single stroller and then buy a new double stroller when you do decide to expand. All right. So since we have the Kazee in the stroller, we don’t need a travel system because we’ve basically already established that.

Play Yards for NewBorn Babies

Let’s move into play yards. So I have to pack and play at my house and I love them. For the most part, no matter what brand you get, they kind of do fall into these three tiers. You can either get this super basic one that just is the basic like box, I guess you could say where the mattress is all the way down at the bottom.

You’re going if you’re buying this truly and you’re gonna have a newborn, you at minimum want this one here that has the newborn insert. So, yes, it does go all the way deep down like this one, but it has this attachment up top that you can have for the newborn stage that you just don’t have to drop your baby all the way down there, just right there at a much easier level to grab them up at to make sure you’re still supporting their head. And then once they’re able to crawl or start pulling themselves up, you would take this insert out and it would basically turn into this one that you see here. The next level up is something like this, which is basically so like level 1, level 2, you add this and then level 3, it has a little bassinet that they can sleep in. And then also an extra changing table in case you don’t want to buy an entirely separate changing table if you’re short on space or something.

Let’s just be really bunji get the nicest one, even though you don’t have to. I just have these ones. Then last his stroller accessories. Now, stroller accessories aren’t necessarily a must-have, but it is nice to have a type of thing. So since I registered for the baby jogger, I’ll just throw this baby jogger one on has two cup holders someplace to put your cell phone or any other snacks. We have completed the out and about category on the checklists.

Next is the nursery. So for cribs and nursery beds, these kinds of baby nests are loungers are really, really popular right now. Again, personal opinion. I don’t feel like it’s a necessary thing. Another baby nest that’s really popular. It’s almost like a cult favorite. I would call it is a taught docket. Tots are really expensive. They’re almost like two hundred dollars, I believe. So it looks like they’re coming out with, you know, competitors for the docket tort and a much more reasonable price. My twins had really, really bad reflux.

So the thing to keep in mind, if you’re looking at a baby nest is they are completely flat.

So if your baby does develop something like reflux, they won’t be able to use a baby nest because when a child has reflux, they’ll need to sleep kind of at a 45-degree angle because the gravity will help keep their reflux or spit up down, whereas a baby nest is flat on the ground. And the last thing you want to do with a child who has reflux is laying them flat on their back because that’s just going to cause giddy-up up to a kind of like pop up in the spittle everywhere.

So I personally am not a big fan of the baby nest. What I would get instead for a bassinet is something like a rock and play rock and play is what I have. There are so many different ones. I have just the super basic one right here. So I’ll add this to my registry, as you can see here. The rock in play is at an upward angle.

So a newborn baby with reflux or a newborn without reflux, anyone can sleep in this and it will help them have a better night’s sleep because again, the gravity’s helping to keep that milk down. So cribs are also in this category per Siddall opinion.

I don’t like cribs. I don’t think they’re necessary. They’re really cute in photos. They look really great in a nursery. But does a little teeny newborn ever sleep in a crib? No. Pretty much everyone puts their newborn in some sort of bassinet baby nest rock and play like co-sleep if that’s what you want to do. Very rarely is a little newborn sleeping in their giant frigging crib. So completely unnecessary at that stage.

And then even once they’re a little older, there’s a slew of things that can go wrong in a crib between like your kid getting their legs stuck in between those little slats that are just totally like little baby trapper’s. Two sides of the cribs are really hard. So babies are rolling into the sides of them all the time and waking themselves up. At least my kids, you know, once they’re able to crawl out of their cribs, it’s kind of a little bit of a dangerous height for them to be climbing out of. I just am not a fan of Cribs.

I wasted a lot of money on cribs. If you’re short on space or money, you can just have your kids sleep in the rock and play when they’re really little or when they get too old for rock and play. They can sleep in a park and play. And by the time they’ve outgrown a pack and play, they can just sleep in a regular toddler bed. Like cribs are just really expensive and they take up a lot of space. I just don’t like cribs. But if you do really want a crib.

Amazon has a lot of great ones. You’ll just also need a lot of accessories to make your crib actually comfortable for your child. So let’s just add a crib for funsies. We’ll just do this one. Two hundred and thirty-seven pounds.

Let’s be honest, millennials, we’re on our phones a lot and we only have one hand available to push that stroller. So you want something that’s easy to maneuver with one hand so that when you’re texting, you’re not accidentally crashing your kid into someone else’s cart.

And you’re going to have to spend even more to make it a comfortable sleep for the baby. So let’s go-to bedding for the crib. So I just got these Amazon ones for our cribs, just these jerseys, jersey sheets. They’re nice and soft again. I’m going to try not to be a total Debbie Downer as I go through this crib stuff. I just wasted so much money trying to make my crib comfortable for my twins when ultimately they just don’t like them. They’re loud. When you run into the rails, they your legs get stuck in the rails. They crawl out of the arm, they chew on the wood, which eating that pain stain can’t be healthy for you.

All right. So much. Got the bedding covered. Got to get a mattress for your crib. So that’s more money. So all the mattresses. I personally feel like they have to meet a certain standard to be allowed to be sold as a baby mattress, so I don’t feel like you need to spend two hundred pounds on this little moonlight slumber. Little dreamer. I think you’re probably fine with spending thirty-five pounds on this dream on my mattress. Oh, actually, this is a play yard mattress. So this would be for like a pack and play something to keep in mind. Don’t accidentally buy a pack and play mattress. This will not fit in your crib. You have to buy a crib mattress. So let’s see, where is a crib mattress? That’s not too expensive.

Ok. So here’s one for forty-five. Let’s just make sure it’s a crib mattress. OK. So it’s a crib and toddler bed matches. So this is what you want. You want a crib mattress specifically if you’re going to be putting it into a crib. So let’s add this to the registry.

Again, they’re all going to have to meet like a certain safety standard to be sold as a baby crib, to be sold as a baby bed crib. So I don’t feel like you need to spend a ton of money. They’re all probably pretty close to the same thing.

So mattress pads.

I personally don’t feel like you need a mattress pad. In my experience, most of the crib mattresses, they’re not like adult mattresses where if you pee, the bed is going to sink into the mattress and be disgusting. Almost all of the baby crib mattresses are like plastic on the outside.

So a mattress pad is a kind of redundant. It’s the crib mattress already has a plastic coating around the outside to prevent P from like getting in and making it all dirty. So I have some of these and they were a waste of money. I don’t even use them because they’re not necessary. So I’m just gonna check this off even if I don’t get it. I’m going to check it off because, in order to get your baby registry gift box from Amazon, all these categories have to be checked off.

So the next is changing tables.

Oh, if you have a pack in play that has it changing table built into it, you don’t necessarily need this. But sometimes it is nice to have. I actually have to changing tables. I have one in like our main area of the house and then one like actually I have three. I have one near the nursery. One in my room and then one in kind of the main area of the house so that I don’t have to be running all over to one place just to be able to change a diaper. I have just this Delta Children’s Infant changing table in two of the locations in my house, and I really like it. It works for kids up to 30 pounds, so it lasts for a pretty long time.

Next are lighters and rocking chairs. I definitely feel like this is a must-have. I’m actually sitting in my glider right now because it’s so comfortable. I wouldn’t necessarily say get it off of Amazon. I would actually recommend going to buy a baby for one of these because I feel like you want to test it out. I originally got a glider off of Amazon or a rocking chair off of Amazon. I guess I would say and I hated it.

It was so uncomfortable. It was too big. It was made for basically a man, someone who’s six foot plus. I’m only five four. So I needed a smaller chair lowered to the ground so my feet could actually touch so I could actually make it rock. I ended up having to sell it. And then I went to buy a baby and got the one that I’m sitting in right now. It’s perfect because the glider I chose is smaller and closer to the ground since I’m short and I have short little legs. I don’t have any problem, you know, making it so that it can rock. It fits me perfectly. It like cuts off at the perfect point. I can fall asleep on it with the baby on me.

And I’m just very comfortable in this chair. It’s you’re going to be spending a lot of time here. Glider rocking chair. You just want to make sure it’s comfortable and built for your body size. I’m just going to toss one in. These kinds are cheaper. But having toddlers, I don’t like these kinds because if one of them decides to stick their little hand in these slats, someone’s gonna get hurt. So I like these ones where those components are kind of covered. The last is changing pads. And I just have this summer and think contoured one like super easy. Obviously, a lot of people have it and they like it. You don’t need a super expensive or fancy changing pad. You’re literally changing like poopy diapers on keys. This is fine. This is comfortable. All right.

The next category is bath time. So you only need one infant tub and the one I really like. That is pretty cheap. Is this one. It’s the foreign ones selling seeds. The reason I like this one is that it grows with baby. This little rainbow sling is what you use when they’re just a little newborn baby when they grow out of being super teeny tiny. You can remove this sling and they can just lay in the larger part of the tub. It was kind of a little foam-padded area here.

And then once the newborn baby’s ready to be, you know, more active and set up, you pop this little chair in and they can sit up and be bathed.

So I really like this one. It comes with a little squeeze squeezy bottle that you can use to help gently wash off the soap and stuff from your baby.

But this is a perfectly good tub and it’s not too expensive. Next is tub toys.

I mean, these aren’t a must-have when they’re newborns baby when they’re new newborns, they won’t necessarily be playing with toys yet. So these are kind of a nice to have early on, but they’ll be in storage for a few months. We have these little boats at our house. We have this little whale cover.

Final thoughts of where you can buy newborn baby items.

As a mother, I really recommend Amazon UK. It is fast and efficient. Today your order and in a couple of days, the door will ring with your delivery. Amazon UK also has the Baby wishlist and ofter they are providing great discounts. Furthermore, if your account has an Amazon Prime you will have great benefits, free deliveries, and discounts.

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